Okay, so now that all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are over, how do I get back on my diet plan and get back to losing the rest of this weight? One of the most important things that we need to remember about diet is how important it is to get right back to eating the proper diet again. Yes, I gave myself the green light to eat anything that I wanted to during the holiday season, and now I’m feeling just a little resentment that I have to go back on my diet.

How can I go back to  the diet of eating vegetables and fruits when I’ve had so many great tasting meals over the last few days? I really didn’t hold back on anything… I ate everything that I wanted to eat during the holiday season and with no feelings of guilt! You know, I really don’t even want to know if I gained back any of the weight that I had previously lost on the diet. All I know is that I rewarded myself for losing a lot of weight before Christmas and now I’ll just have to make a real effort at getting back on the diet and following it strictly.

I am hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of May and for me it’s not going to be a problem because on the diet  I can see the end result. Health has become very important to me and I know the longer that I am overweight the harder it is on my body. For me the reward after the diet is seeing how great I look with every pound that drops off and feeling good about myself.

A good diet helps lose weight sensibly it’s really not that difficult. I was very surprised that the first 25 pounds I lost came off so easy, just by eating the proper diet. There wasn’t even a time over the last few months of my diet program that I felt hungry. Eating foods on the diet  that are healthy will start to grow on you and before you know it you’ll find yourself really liking fruits and vegetables. I know what your thinking, “Am I forever destined to eat nothing but fruits and vegetablesalone on this diet for the rest of my life?” Definitely not…

Eating the proper diet requires a commitment to a lifestyle change that over time becomes a habit and while it does mean eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, it does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of every other type of food from your diet. In my opinion the key to any successful diet is being able to reward yourself so that you don’t feel deprived.

Some may not agree but this type of diet has definitely has worked for me…learn to reward yourself and then give up something else in exchange. It’s amazing how satisfying a few pieces of diet candy can be as a reward. I like toffee and I can have 5 pieces for 70 calories. I keep them on hand to give myself a quick boost.