Are You Following These 3 Key Elements To Losing Body Fat Sensibly?losing body fat

When it comes to losing weight it’s not near as difficult as keeping it off.

I myself have no problem in losing a few pounds here and there rather quickly when I exercise or watch what I eat.

Anyone can lose a few pounds of weight just by eating sensibly for a week or more and by adding in some form of exercise routine that is focused on losing fat.

That’s not a problem for me, or most other people, the problem as I see it is that I need to have a change of thinking in regards to how much better I will feel when I am carrying around less fat.

Does this resonate with you as well? Are you limiting your success with weight loss because of not thinking of the positive results you’ll  get once you start losing weight.

When it comes to losing overall body fat positive thinking is a necessity!

I should also be thinking about how much food I should eat to reduce the body fat sensibly, not looking for an easy fix to the problem that makes me feel good but will only last for a short period of time.

What’s important is the foods I choose to eat, my method of exercise and most importantly is how I choose to reward myself. Rewards are key to losing the weight permanently!

After all isn’t that the best case scenario, to keep excess weight off forever!

We are creatures of habit and if you can get into the habit of rewarding your good behavior, ie: eating healthy and exercising, your far more apt to stick to the plan. How about this necklace for a little weight loss motivation!

What’s some of the most important keys to losing body fat? Here’s 3 Important Points To Remember

  • Choose To Eat Healthy Meals
  • Choose To Have A Healthy Exercise Plan
  • Choose To Reward Yourself Often


When I put my mind to really losing weight, I do it because I believe that I am making food choices that are the best for me and this makes me feel good about myself for being able to take control of my eating habits. I can also work in a sensible exercise plan that helps me to lose the weight.

None of this will work for any length of time though without giving yourself some rewards for the success you have accomplished in losing weight.

Unfortunately most of the time I feel like I am the only one in this boat and the temptation of seeing everyone else being able to eat anything that they want to and never gain an ounce, really gets to me.

I soon get over it though and realize that everyone’s metabolism is not the same. I may be dealing with different life issues than what they are and for reasons that are health related, I put on the weight easier than they do.

Here’s a few choices of healthy snacks that might help you get through the rough patches.

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Even when I know how unhealthy people will be in the future if they don’t start eating healthier today, it doesn’t stop the temptations that can over power me if I let them.

This is where I feel it’s key to figure out the best rewards for you and don’t deprive yourself from getting them as often as is necessary to keep you on track.

Truly I understand that losing all the excess body fat and being fit as a fiddle takes time. I know that it will pay off greatly when I have more control over my weight problems.

That’s why losing body fat naturally without diet pills is very important to me.

It’s never easy…perhaps a motivational poster will help you to stay focused on your journey to losing body fat.

Getting Rid Of Excess Body Fat | Tips To Overcoming the Obstacles

Everywhere I turn unhealthy food is in my face… being advertised, at the movies, in most of the T.V. commercials, on the bill boards, on the radio stations and even from those close to me encouraging me to just eat the food and forget about being overweight.

Have you ever noticed that when you can’t have something you want it has a habit of turning up everywhere just to tempt you?

That’s why weight loss can be so hard for lots of people.

It works the same way for food temptations.

Not very conducive to trying to stay focused on losing weight.

Losing body fat has not been easy for me. I’ll be the first to admit and I’m here to tell you I’m a diet cheater. Do I feel guilty about losing body fat by being a diet cheater. Never! I’ll tell you why.

If I wasn’t allowed to cheat on my diet there would be no dieting and losing weight would not be an option at all for me. I know this.

I feel quite strongly about being able to cheat on my diet because I have lost quite a few pounds over the last few months and I can really only contribute it to eating healthy meals and cheating on my diet.

Fighting the Battle When Choosing To Lose Body Fat In A Healthy Way


Yes I know all about the importance of learning to love fruits, vegetables, salads and lean meats which help in losing body fat. I have learned over this past year to love them…but I also love my cheating snacks.

I am still losing weight in spite of eating candy, ice cream, cake and eating out regularly.

My choices are getting better though even with my treats by choosing to reward myself with diet candy, low calorie ice cream, low calorie cakes and choosing items on  menus that are baked or grilled.

Losing body fat is always easier when you have the right frame of mind and sometimes you just have to know what works for you without following the masses. Who said it has to be difficult!

A structured easy to follow and safe plan for losing weight is always the best. Here’s a few weight loss plans that might work for you. Click on the blue links to find out more details and see what other’s are saying about losing body fat.

I hope you have found a few helpful tips in the above article on losing body fat, work at it slowly and always reward yourself no matter what to help you keep on track!


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