I know what your thinking ,weight loss diet, “I can’t even imagine being on a weight loss diet at Christmas!” I completely understand how you feel. Christmas is the time of year for lots of great food and good cheer not for  a weight loss diet. It’s not really a time of year where you want to be on a weight loss diet, weighing your food portions, eating salad and limiting yourself with what you can eat in order to stick to a weight loss diet. However, the reality of it is you don’t have to limit yourself on a weight loss diet and hide in the corner with a diet plate filled with fruit, salad and vegetables, feeling all deprived. Let me tell you why.

Christmas should be enjoyed to the fullest and having sensible food portions of any food during this time of year will not pack on the pounds. But…if you look at this time of year as a free card to abandon your weight loss diet and eat anything you want and make it known that, “it’s Christmas, and I’m going to eat as much food as I can,” well you can also expect to gain weight. Losing weight on a weight loss diet is really not all that complicated. while on the weight loss diet you just have to be willing to make an extra effort to give up something you would normally have eaten a few days prior to your Christmas party or if you ate something you know you are feeling a bit guilty about that was not on your weight loss diet, give up something over the next few days. Have you heard how great exercise is in helping you to get rid of fat and to counter act the effects of overeating during this time of year…Exercise incorporated into your weight loss diet program works well.

Exercise  on your weight loss diet combined with sensible food portions will allow you to get through this Christmas season…and help with any cravings you may have while following your weight loss diet.

See, being on a weight loss diet at Christmas is not so bad and if you hurry you can still lose a few pounds before your New Year’s eve party rolls around.

A few tips that I have tried over the last while have helped me to lose weight while on my weight loss diet. I always have a few sugarless candies around the house so that I can have a few and feel like I am rewarding myself for following my weight loss  diet. I also have 10 almonds as a satisfying healthy snack. I never eat past 8 or 9 p.m. (except for the odd few sugarless candies of course) and I brag about my weight loss diet to family and friends so that they can help to motivate me and help me to stick to my weight loss diet.