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We Are In Need of Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Help Motivate Others Who Are Trying To Lose Weight. Won’t you please help us to make a difference in the life of someone seriously trying to lose weight!

If you feel that your success story might help to motivate others to lose weight, we would love to have your story.

There’s nothing more important to someone trying to stay on a weight loss program and lose weight than to hear success stories from other people who were once in the same boat and have lost the weight.

Losing the weight can be quite a challenge and we need all the help we can get. It doesn’t have to be anything that long, just a few tips, tricks or smart things that you tried that worked for you.

Explain where you were before the weight loss and where you are at now. Your first name only will be used in the story to protect any personal information you may give us.

Please do not include any identifiable personal information in your story ie: other people’s full names, brand names, or the like, as these will have to be removed.

All success stories submitted to us will be considered for submission to the “Success Stories” area of this website. Although your story will be featured in the area called Success Stories, at times certain portions of your story or all of it may be used in a post to help give others the encouragement they need on a daily basis.

Posting a few of the success stories will help our readers to become more involved in posting their comments and tips as well. Some of the tips you give us may also show up in the Weight Loss Help and the Weight Loss Faq’s areas to help people lose weight.

There is no guarantee that your story will appear on this site, but if your story is chosen to appear on this site please note that any clerical errors or sentence structure corrections may be amended by the site owner if needed.

Thanks in advance to everyone who submits their story to help others who may be in need of a little encouragement and motivation. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you spend on your success story and the kindness that you show in giving it to us in order to help others.

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If you are too shy to give us your story, please consider leaving some tips, tricks and smart ways to lose weight posts in the comments area.