I know that the only thing on your mind once you have made a commitment to losing weight is getting it off as quickly as possible. At least that’s how I have looked at dieting and losing weight in the past. The quicker losing weight the better. But if reality was to set in you would realize how dangerous that could be to your health by losing weight to quickly.

There’s a reason why you start to get dizzy headed and feel faint if you don’t eat for awhile when losing weight. It throws off your bodies equilibrium and balance. The body is used to being fueled every day with nutrition and if you starve it, you are only asking for trouble losing weight this way. In fact losing weight can be much much quicker by choosing to eat sensibly, fruits, vegetables, protein, starch, fats and other nutrients the body needs, more frequently throughout the day. Losing weight this way is much more healthy for you.

What I have heard is that if you starve your body it thinks you are going to need all your stored fat in the future so your body holds on to all that stored fat. On the other hand if you feed your body more frequently throughout the day, say every couple of hours, it boosts your metabolism and you start losing weight more quickly. I’m not talking about eating burgers every few hours though and I think we all know what would happen if we did that. If your going to eat french fries and burgers four times a week well I guess you know the outcome, so much for losing weight.

Following a balanced diet plan that promotes fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats, starches and whatever else our bodies need on a daily basis to maintain health is best for losing weight. Not only will you start losing weight in a reasonable amount of time, but the weight will stay off because you are educating yourself on healthy eating and developing new eating habits that will help you to be healthier and more successful with losing weight .

I know it’s not easy and you’ll miss some of the things you love to eat, but learn how to reward yourself sensibly while losing weight. If you must have a piece of cake at a friends birthday party, hey, you know your going to the party so give up something else in the day so you can have the cake guilt free. Exercise a little more the next day or give up something you can do without eating to help you in losing weight.