Are you setting yourself up for weight loss failure with the type of foods that you’re choosing to eat? A lot of people have absolutely no idea what type of foods they should be eating to lose weight and how many calories they should have each day in order for the weight to come off. There are various different food groups to choose from to help you loose weight and each food group has different calories as per the choice of food items in that group.

Calories can play a big part in losing weight and a lot of people don’t seem to realize that even fruits and vegetables vary quite a bit in their calorie counts for weight loss. For instance apple’s have approximately 71 calories per medium apple, bananas have 105 calories per medium banana and oranges have 61 calories per medium orange. As you can see you would likely want to not eat as many bananas as often as you would an apple or an orange, that is if you want to lose weight a bit quicker.

Fruits and vegetables however are far better for you than most other food groups when it comes to taking off the weight, as far as calories go, and you will learn that when you are dieting fruits and vegetables will become your friends while loosing weight. I can say this because I have always, most of my life, thought of fruits and vegetables as being, “Yucky”.

Seriously, I avoided fruits and vegetables like the plague and if you have ever seen that commercial where the waiter hits the customer in the forehead for not eating his vegetables, well that would be me. Now that I have been dieting for awhile with fruits and vegetables being a big part of my diet for weight loss, I love them, and I’m losing lots of weight eating balanced meals that include fruits and vegetables!

To lose weight what you need to do is become very selective in the foods that you are eating. Fast food is out while loosing weight until you learn how to control your eating and make smarter food choices. When you look at the calorie count of most burgers being over 400 calories without the fries, you can see that when you go for a burger and fries you have used up a huge portion of your allotted calories for the day…

Lose the weight by eating sensibly, that’s not to say you have to deprive yourself of anything, you just have to re-train your thinking about food and loosing weight  and develop some sensible new weight loos eating habits.