Your not alone, a great majority of us need to lose weight. It’s a proven fact that the statistics for those who need to lose weight and who are obese just keep rising and diet as we may, for most people it is very hard to keep the weight off. Why is losing weight and keeping it off such a problem to handle for some people ,who need to lose weight ?

Wouldn’t you think that if I need to lose weight and I starved myself for 3 days (a very foolish and dangerous thing to do) just for the need to lose weight, that the weight I lost would never come back! I made a real huge effort…so how come the weight I lost came back the very next day once I started eating again?

Well for one thing if I need to lose weight it would be a very foolish and dangerous idea for me not to eat for 3 days, and the weight that I would have lost over the 3 day period would likely just be water loss. I have heard of foolish diets such as this where the person actually gains back more weight than they had lost. Not good when you need to lose weight!

If you need to lose weight, in order to lose the weight and keep it off here’s a few weight loss rules to follow.

Rule # 1: Never starve yourself if you need to lose weight. Long term weight loss just doesn’t happen that way and all the weight you lost by starving yourself will be back and more of it, once you start eating and drinking again.

Rule # 2: DO NOT skip any of your meals when you need to lose weight. Skipping meals will only lead to you being so hungry that you do not make healthy food choices. Sugared pop, chocolate bars, donuts, chips, and the like should not be replacements for proper meals when you need to lose weight.

Rule # 3: Develop an exercise program that works for you if you need to lose weight. Not everyone can lift weights, or go running and sometimes people can’t even walk when they need to lose weight if they have health conditions, so find out what works for you by talking to your doctor. Even sitting in a chair and doing exercise is possible when you need to lose weight. What I like to do to get rid of fat when i need to lose weight is crank up the music and dance. It helps when you need to lose weight and releases some stress to boot.

Rule # 4:  To facilitate your need to lose weight, reduce your portions of food and if you decide you are hungry after eating a smaller portion, wait for more than 10 minutes before you help yourself to more food. Generally you will find that you will not be as hungry as you thought you were.This really helps when you need to lose weight.

Rule # 5: Invest in a bathroom scale, there’s nothing more motivating when you need to lose weight ,than to be able to visually see it coming off. Don’t become obsessed with the bathroom scale if you need to lose weight, but learn to use it as a motivator to lose more weight. When you need to lose weight and if you see you haven’t lost any weight in the past week use it for some tough love to get back on track. Find out what you can do to adjust your diet plan so that the next time you get on the scale you will have lost weight.

To Your Weight Loss Success!and the need to lose weight.