Quick Weight Loss Reality Check

Quick weight loss is a dream that so many overweight individuals have who would love to be slim and trim. In reality as this motivational cup below says, it’s important to take steps that help to make you healthy.  

Unfortunately most of these individuals don’t know how to accomplish their dreams of losing weight and end up waiting years to do anything about it.

Dreams do come true…but only if you are willing to work at them.

In fact some people long for the one miracle to come along for weight loss that will spare them from having to do anything at all to lose the weight!

The big question is, Is losing weight fast really that good for your health? In most cases the answer would be no.

There Is No Easy Solution For Quick Weight Loss

Come on, don’t you wish there was a magic pill for quick weight loss that could melt away all your extra weight? I know some days I wish there was a magic pill for quick weight loss.

There isn’t though and common sense tells me that there never will be a magic pill for quick weight loss.

So what do we do…continue to pack on the pounds, or dig down deep inside and get a dose of will power. I’m all for the will power! How about you?

Say No to quick weight loss short term solutions and go for long term permanent weight loss instead by following a safe, sensible weight loss plan.

Developing the Right Attitude Towards Losing Weight

There’s an enormous amount of overweight people out there just waiting to be true to themselves. People who are tired of living a fat lie!

What would you sooner have, fast weight loss or permanent weight loss? Permanent weight loss of course is best. Why, because the fat doesn’t come back, unlike with losing weight quickly where you are likely to gain it back almost instantly. This motivational poster might help to keep you focused!


So how do I achieve permanent weight loss?

1.    See your doctor for approval to start a sensible diet and exercise program.

2.    See a dietician who can help you to map out a healthy eating plan instead of a weight loss yo yo diet.

3.    Grab a weight loss buddy who also needs to lose some weight and keep each other motivated along the way.

4.    Get a pair of bathroom scales, reward yourself for losing weight and follow your diet strictly if you have gained any weight don’t resort back to a quick weight loss scheme.

5.     DIET is not a four letter word to quick weight loss, stop treating it like it is! Love your DIET and it will love you, the pounds will literally start to melt off once you have changed your attitude towards dieting. Don’t focus on losing weight quickly.

6.    Spending too much time in front of the T.V. Get up during every commercial and do a little exercise. Oh and remember, don’t eat while you are watching T.V.

7.    Unless you have a good reason not to move about and exercise, STOP living a sedentary lifestyle. Forget about losing weight quickly and following gimmicks that may not be safe. Get active and stay active!

I know it’s not going to be easy and at times you’ll need to adjust your hungry attitude like this funny apron quote says below…but I know you can do it!


Quick weight loss really is just a dream, but if you work at losing weight sensibly permanent weight loss is definitely possible.

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