Fat loss tips abound from well meaning friends and relatives but have you ever just wanted a friend or a relative to give you a little bit of extra support when your trying to lose weight on a fat loss program.

Here’s a cute little fridge magnet as a reminder of tip #1!


I know I have…

Sometimes unintentionally friends and family can be your worst enemy when you are dieting and trying to accomplish your fat loss goals can seem rather daunting from all the “I did this” or “you should do that” tips.

Hey, they mean well but when you have to keep reminding them that your on a diet and can’t have that pizza, isn’t it just a little bit annoying. Just smile and say to yourself, here’s to my fat loss journey…I can really do it!

That’s what I have to keep reminding myself. 

It’s my journey to fat loss and great health. I love my friends and family, don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion you need outside support with fat loss and encouragement to make it through the tough times of dieting.

Fat loss tips from a dietician or your doctor might make you feel better about losing the weight and help you to feel supported on you weight loss journey.

You may need help with determining your best calorie intake for weight loss like this cute funny motivational mug says!


It’s far too easy to cheat on a diet and having the wrong support team can sabotage all of your past efforts in reaching your body fat loss goals.

Even if you have lost 30 pounds and know what that fat loss means to you, it can be so easy to think you are on safe ground and start eating poorly again because you THINK that you have a handle on things.

Until you change your outlook on fat loss, you will never have a handle on it.

Fat loss will always be a problem in your life. I know for me that I am very easily talked into cheating on my diet. I make excuses for myself and say that I deserve a reward.

Yes I do deserve an award but only when I have reached my goal to achieve some fat loss. A weekly activity planner like this one below can help with setting goals and rewards.


A goal can be that for every 10 pounds of fat loss you can have that pizza or cake you have been craving and then go right back to eating sensibly.

Fat loss is not easy and unfortunately we gain weight much quicker than we can take it off.

This may be a blessing in disguise as it allows you to take some time to really get to the root of your weight problem and replace them with good habits.

Finding a support system that can give you some fat loss tips in my opinion is key to a successful weight loss plan.