In order to lose weight fast you first have to have a commitment to losing the weight. Don’t be fooled by all the quick weight loss guarantees out there that claim you can lose weight fast. In reality there is no guarantee and it all comes down to your own reasons for wanting to lose weight fast and your commitment to losing the weight.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy to lose weight fast , it takes a lot of work on your part. How many years has it taken you to pack on the pounds? Do you really think that you are going to lose weight in a few short weeks and keep it off? Sorry, but the statistics are just not in your favor, most people will gain back the weight in a hurry and add an extra few pounds on top of what they had originally lost.

O.K. so now that we have had the reality check, let’s move on…

The key to lose weight is not in the diet that so many people encourage you to follow, it’s in how you really feel about yourself. How good do you really feel being overweight? Are there things you are missing out on because you can not lose weight? Is being overweight affecting your health negatively? Are you hiding behind a mountain of fat and unable to lose weight  because of something that you have not been able to deal with in the past? Be honest with yourself and don’t wake up years from now wishing that you had made the effort a lot sooner to lose weight, before it had become a health issue.

People gain and lose weight for a multitude of reasons. Some people may not be able to lose weight  due to illness and not being active physically, some people may have a thyroid problem that is causing them to have an underactive metabolism. Prescription drugs can also cause people to gain weight and make it very difficult for them to lose weight. And some of us just gain weight because of a stressful situation that we have had to deal with in our life that we just can’t let go of and move on. Factor into everything above the fact that our society promotes junk food through every avenue possible and it’s easy to see why there is a large population of people that can’t lose weight. Whatever the reason is for being overweight, it’s not as cut and dry as people might think to lose weight.

The first step to any weight loss program needs to be a desire to lose weight. If you really don’t want to lose weight, no diet in the world is going to help you. The second step is commitment, make a commitment to lose weight and stick to it. The third step is motivation, find a buddy and ask them to help motivate you and encourage you through your weight loss program. Follow a healthy diet plan, lose weight and be proud of yourself for doing it!